Schucks Auto Supply in Los Angeles, California - Didn't replace faulty parts

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Called Schucks store #40 to report failed belt tensioner. I was told the new parts would be in will call.

Brought failed parts & belt pieces to store.After a run around about pulley size (my pulley didn't match any of theirs.). They determined I, after 20+ years experience was dealing with an idler pulley.Now being told by a teenage parts person & an *** manager they didn't have the parts & would have to order them I was PISSED! Now they need to send in the parts for manufacturer warranty.I had to phisically take back my parts to seek further action, which with a few choise words cleaned out the store.I told them I'll get the parts elsewhere due to a tow bill & this guy is 3 days with no car.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



My suggestion is to shut your mouth, accept that they may have gotten it wrong from the beginning or perhaps you have your head up your anus and have no clue what the *** you are doing. You're so called 20+ years of experience in what, complaining and sounding like a whining little girl?

Take your part, place it in your a-hole and go somewhere else.

No need to be a tool and leave collateral damage like being an *** in front of other patrons. Sounds like your actions were only to cover up your embarassment of your stupidity.

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